With customized programs of incredible magic and side-splitting comedy, Fred Becker is the best choice for your event. Fred Will have your group on the edge of their seats and rolling in the aisles! His program of audience interactive magic has been carefully designed to ...

  • Make a Lasting Impression
  • Assure Maximum Enjoyment in a Diverse Audience
  • Win You Rave Reviews!

Take your guests on a whirlwind magical journey with the eye-popping effects and hilarious comedy of Fred Becker

Making Events Amazing!

Illusion Show

Cabaret Show 

Comedy Show 




Magician Fred Becker will have your group on the edge of their seats and rolling in the aisles during this memorable show.  What makes clients write things like;

  • "Even today, people are not just smiling, but laughing when they mention Becker's Show," "It was the best time we've ever had,' is the phrase I'm hearing over and over!

  • "One aspect of the show that differentiates Becker from others is Fred's ability to immediately connect with his audience and draw them into the performance"

  • "The show was superb! Once again thank you for making me look extremely good at this year's conference."

One word; PERSONALITY. Sure, the magic is astounding. Yes, the crowd will laugh themselves silly at the comedy. But most of all, your group will just love Fred Becker. He has that something special that can't be defined that makes him the center of fun. 





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